It’s not a Milonga… It’s not a Marathon…..It’s a Marathon Milonga!!!!
Welcome to El Olivo Green edition!
When? 2017-04-30 from 13:00 – ca 03:00 
Venue: Sofielunds folketshus

Luis & Sten

Our DJ-team

- Sten Odelberg, Malmö - Sweden
- Beatriz Roson, Zamara, España

Program & Prices

13:00 – 14:30 Brunch (Pre-order)
14:00 - 18:00 Afternoon Milonga
20:00 – 22:00 3 courses Dinner (Pre-order)
22:00 – ca 03:00 Night Milonga
Alternativ and prices (pre registration)
- Total pakage (Brunch, Afternoon Milonga, Dinner and Evening
Milonga): 330 Kr/ € 35
- Brunch Inkl Afternoon Milonga: 130 kr/ €15
- Afternoon Milonga 80 kr/ €9
- Dinner Inkl Evening Milonga 240 kr/ €26
- Evening Milonga 120 kr/ €13
Registration starts at 31th of january 21:00 CET

During both Milongas there will be coffe, tea, water and fruit for free!!
Extra, Extra, Extra, Extra, Extra, Extra
If you need a rest we have a restingroom!!
If you need a shower we got one for you!!
If you need to change we got a changing room for you!!
The venue

The Milongas will be held in Sofielunds folketshus.
Rolfgatan 16, Malmö


Registration starts on the 31 of january at 21:00 CET!!
Registration in couples are recommended. If you don't have a partner you are welcome to registret any way.
But we have to find a partner for you among the registrated singel leaders/followers before confirming your place in the marathon.

How to get there

By flying:
There are to possible airports. Copenhagen (CPH) and Malmö (MMX). At Copenhagen airport you can find flight from most other country's You can get to Malmö from Copenhagen airport by train. Check out the timetable on Skånetrafiken. The closest railway station to the Marathon venue is Triangeln.
On Malmö airport there are a few budget airline like Wizz. There are regular buses to get to Malmö city. Check out the timetable on Flygbussarna. Closest bus stop is Södervärn.

By train
There are several opportunity's the get to Malmö by train. The closest railway station to the Marathon venue is Triangeln. Check out the timetable on Skånetrafiken